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Do you want to integrate a remote identity control solution into your applications to verify the identity of your users in a reliable, seamless and secure way? Look no further.

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A fast and automated remote identity document verification service verifies the authenticity of an identity document, but also goes further by providing an identity check of its bearer.

Indeed, our identity check service aims to guarantee that the person who subscribes to a good or a service is really the person he/she claims to be.
Identity verification also ensures that the person is real and present behind their terminal.

To benefit from a reliable and complete KYC (Know Your Customer) process, especially in remote identification situations, we have therefore developed facial verification and live detection processes.

Face verification and liveness detection

  • Face verification

    Our face verification software compares an identity photo taken by the user during an account creation process with the photo extracted from their identity document.

  • Liveness detection

    Our Live Detection solution enhances our ability to guarantee the identity of your remote customers by ensuring that the person is actually present behind their terminal when they register.

Identity control by face verification

Combining ID document verification and face verification solutions, this innovative service is based on machine learning.

During a remote entry process, and depending on the regulatory requirements, you can use facial recognition to verify that the ID document holder is who they claim to be. Our face verification process is simple, the user takes a selfie during enrolment (using our SDK capture tools) and our API compares the selfie with the photo extracted from the ID document. Thus, provides a complete identity verification service by cross-referencing the user’s facial image from the selfie with the image from the ID document. This is what is more commonly known today as “face matching“.

This identity verification takes less than 12 seconds thanks to our biometric recognition technologies. A smooth and pleasant way to verify a user’s identity, and one that fits perfectly into a digital experience.

Identity control through liveness detection

Ensuring that the person who wants to sign up for a service is who they say they are, and guaranteeing that this person is present during the onboarding process, are major challenges for many companies. In some industries, such as banking for example, the strengthening of identity check is even becoming a legal requirement. This is why our identity control service is now equipped with a live detection service.

The process is simple, the user takes a video by answering the challenges requested by the solution, and our API performs multiple comparisons between the video and the photo extracted from the ID document. The liveness detection process is based on the analysis of movements between two automated shots.

In the case of service registration, for example, our identity control solution increases your ability to guarantee the identity of your customers. Combined with document verification services, live detection offers businesses strong protection against document fraud. All while providing a smooth and enjoyable online experience.

Benefits of an online identity check service

Benefits of an online identity check service

  • Combating document fraud and identity theft

    The identity verification service enables the identity of the person behind the device to be verified remotely, thereby combating document fraud and identity theft.

  • Compliance with the 5th AML/CFT Directive

    The liveness detection solution aims to implement an enhanced due diligence measure for remote identity verification, as required by the 5th AML/CFT Directive.

  • Innovative customer onboarding process

    The customer can stay at home and subscribe to the service he wants remotely thanks to a transparent, guided and secure service. This optimises the onboarding process of your customers.

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Digital verification via video-chat, backed by AI-technology. Our AML-compliant solution meets high security requirements.


Automated, AI-powered identity verification for users all over the world – anytime, anywhere. And AML-compliant.

Our automated instant identity verification is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It’s simple, secure, and available anywhere, at any time. PVID

Identity verification is in the process of being certified by the ANSSI and complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Directives (AML-CFT) and meets high security requirements.


NFC-based solution for the electronic German identification card. Our identity verification solution with easy data scanning via smartphone. AML-compliant.


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