IDnow VideoIdent obtains the first LSTI and CLR Labs ISO/IEC 30107 certificate

Saint Malo/La Ciotat/Munich, May 24, 2023CLR Labs, a European laboratory dedicated to the evaluation of biometric and security technologies, and LSTI, a conformity assessment body (CAB) specializing in cybersecurity and data protection, are pleased to officially launch their ISO/IEC 30107 conformity assessment scheme, which enables them to evaluate any product or service using biometric technologies. IDnow, one of the leading European identity proofing platform providers, obtains the first LSTI ISO/IEC 30107 certificate for its VideoIdent solution.

The first European certification scheme for biometric technologies

Published in 2017, the ISO/IEC 30107 standard defines safety measures and presentation attack tests on remote identity proofing systems, in order to protect them and prevent these attacks. The conformity certificate is issued by LSTI, based on CLR Labs’ evaluation work –  which involves both presentation attacks and biometric data injection tests, such as facial recognition attacks based on deep-fake technology. Until now, the only certification scheme available was from the United States. In Europe, only compliance projects have been carried out so far.

Therefore, this collaborative initiative is unique in Europe, as it defines a guaranteed level of performance assessment of presentation attack detection given by biometric technologies, acknowledged by the cyber industry.

A partnership between two major names from the cyber assessment and evaluation industry

Together, LSTI and CLR Labs designed a common assessment scheme which can be applied to multiple products and services, such as enrolment stations or kits, border automatic doors, biometric readers, entry-exit systems, digital wallets, Trust Service Providers, and any other biometric tech products.

This conformity assessment scheme allows the European cyber ecosystem to acquire the necessary capabilities to evaluate and certify biometric products including presentation attack detection, with a made in Europe label, thus ensuring the promotion of European excellence in cybersecurity.

The first product certified ISO/IEC 30107 according to this scheme

In this European framework, it is the leading identity proofing platform provider IDnow, who becomes the first company to obtain an ISO/IEC 30107 certificate for its VideoIdent product. IDnow VideoIdent is an expert-assisted video identity verification product that is facilitated by trained agents in conjunction with backend AI controls.

The VideoIdent process validates the user’s face biometrics and performs liveness checks to detect and prevent presentation attacks. The ISO 30107 evaluation certifies that IDnow VideoIdent meets such strict requirements on biometric identification. LSTI has assessed the level of VideoIdent as “substantial”.

Statements from the companies’ representatives

“This certificate is the result of the successful partnership between CLR Labs and LSTI, but also of the amazing conformity upgrade work done by IDnow on their product VideoIdent”, says Armelle Trotin, CEO of LSTI group.

“We were thrilled when we saw the first certificate emitted by LSTI, as building an ISO/IEC 30107 conformity certification scheme in Europe was one of our goals since the creation of our lab”, declares Stéfane Mouille, CLR Labs Director.

“We are excited to have received the certification for the international ISO/IEC 30107 standard. With the support of LSTI and CLR, we were able to successfully test the strength of our VideoIdent presentation attack detection during the biometric capture step of the remote identity verification process. This certification raises the bar for our fraud prevention measures even further and marks an important step for our company in becoming the leading digital identity provider in Europe,” says Armin Bauer, Co-Founder and Managing Director Technology at IDnow.

About CLR Labs, Cabinet Louis Reynaud group

CLR Labs is the European laboratory dedicated to the evaluation of biometric and security technologies founded by multidisciplinary industry experts with a century of experience in biometrics and security based at La Ciotat (France). Many manufacturers, implementers of complex systems and French and European Trust Service Providers trust them to assess their products and solutions using biometric technologies in the context of border crossing, secure payment, physical access control for companies, online electronic authentication and more generally in the field of digital identity management and verification. CLR Labs is supported by TEAM @ Mines Saint-Étienne, the technological maturator of the Ecole des Mines of Saint-Étienne, France.

Press contact CLR Labs:

Stéfane Mouille, Lab Director

+33 (0)6 81 82 35 92

About LSTI

LSTI is a conformity assessment body (CAB) specializing in cybersecurity and data protection. Created in 2004, LSTI has developed a real expertise in information security assessment, and is recognized as one of the major CABs in Europe for the assessment of Trust Service Providers regarding the eIDAS regulation, the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and the French ANSSI standards. Assessing remote ID proofing service providers is rightfully part of their activities, particularly as part of their eIDAS assessment offer. LSTI is a member of Apave Digital since September 2021, and has an European franchise – LSTI Worldwide – based in Ireland.

Press contact LSTI:

Manon Mix, Communications Officer

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