ARIADNEXT is ISO 27001 certified

The international standard ISO 27001 defines the characteristics of an information security management system (ISMS) implementation. Through this certification, the IDnow group, newly formed with ARIADNEXT, offers the security to its customers that all its processes are in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

ISO 27001 is one of many international standards adopted by groups of experts at the International Organization for Standardization. Certifying the implementation of management systems, ISO 27001 is not an obligation, each company being free to apply for it or not. As a key player in digital identity in France and Europe, ARIADNEXT by IDnow has chosen to certify its headquarters’ ISMS based in Rennes, and therefore all its activities surrounding the production of its solutions: remote ID proofing, digital ID creation, electronic signature, document security.

Security and quality

ARIADNEXT has always placed security in its center, since its founding, with daily good practices in various areas such as:

  • Cryptography
  • Security incident management
  • Communication security
  • Management business continuity assurance

Being certified today is therefore a logical step to validate all these procedures and to provide proof on two levels:

  • Externally: ISO 27001 certification provides confirmation to ARIADNEXT’s existing and potential customers that the environment in which the solutions are produced is compliant and secure.
  • Internally: good practices validated by ISO 27001 enable to better supervise and improve security on a daily basis with precise guidelines.

“As one of the key players in the European digital identity market, security is at the heart of our concerns, particularly with regard to sensitive internal and customer data. Obtaining ISO 27001 certification is therefore a recognition of our historical and ongoing commitment to ever more qualitative and secure practices. And that’s what our customers look for today,” says Guillaume Despagne, President and Co-founder of ARIADNEXT.

A new certification among other recognitions

ISO 27001 is added to certifications, labels and qualifications already obtained by ARIADNEXT, thus reinforcing its status as a trusted service provider. The goal is to continue this certification process for the group’s solutions over the long term.

Among the certifications and qualifications already obtained:

  • Electronic Certification Service Provider (ECSP): ARIADNEXT has obtained the status of certification authority, eIDAS certified and LCP (lightweight certificate policy) level. This certification attests to ARIADNEXT’s compliance with quality and security requirements in the production of its electronic certification services, SmartStamp and Check’nSign.
  • FIDO accreditation: based on ISO 19795 and ISO 30107 standards, it guarantees the reliability of the facial biometric authentication solution developed by ARIADNEXT.
  • “Cybersecurity Made In Europe” label: issued by the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO), this label allows buyers to clearly identify European cybersecurity companies with confidence and helps defend European sovereignty.


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