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IDnow obtains UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework accreditation for its AI-based product

Fully automated passes guidelines for government use cases in the UK

London, September 28, 2023 – IDnow, a leading identity proofing platform provider in Europe, has received the accreditation on the levels medium and high for the UK’s Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF) for its fully automated, AI-based solution Valid for two years, IDnow received this badge from government-accredited Digital Identity Systems Certification.

The DIATF is a set of rules and standards designed by the UK government to establish trust in digital identity products coupled with proper governance on how identity service providers (IDSPs) should verify claimed identities via remote methods. Currently, the Framework sets out guidelines and requirements for a few use cases, namely “Right to Work”, “Right to Rent”, and “Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks”.  

Handling identity data in a secure and consistent way

To become certified under DIATF, IDnow was required to adhere to specific rules and requirements. For instance, the identity proofing provider had to ensure that is inclusive by offering a wide range of accepted identity documents. Certified providers must also follow data protection legislation and ensure that users can easily find out why and how their personal data is stored. Additionally, IDnow was required to have an information management system (IMS) in place that follows a recognized industry standard, such as ISO/IEC 27001.

Finally, the accreditation confirms that IDnow follows best practice fraud management guidelines including regular fraud reporting. Under DIATF, IDnow is able to monitor threats and fraud regularly, and has a way to identify, notify, and assist a user whose identity, attribute, or account has been compromised.

Rayissa Armata, Senior Head of Regulatory Affairs at IDnow, explains: “In the UK, there has historically been a sense of caution in how an individual’s data is being stored and used. This extends to concern in the systems’ privacy, security, and governance. The Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework should act as a wakeup call for all service providers to prepare for the next generation of digital identity proofing solutions in the UK”.

“The Framework can go a long way to encourage UK businesses to implement digital identity solutions by enabling smoother, more secure online transactions that lead to higher conversion. This will instill trust and save businesses considerable time and money. Because of these benefits, there are likely to be many more use cases across multiple industries released in the coming years. With the accreditation for our AI-powered solution, we are ready for these developments on the UK market”, she adds.  


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