IDnow is excited to be joining forces with French Identity Technology Provider ARIADNEXT

IDnow has taken another big step on their journey to create the leading Pan-European identity verification platform with the acquisition of ARIADNEXT.

ARIADNEXT specializes in offering fully automated solutions based on Artificial Intelligence technology. These solutions enable them to meet stringent regulatory challenges and anti-fraud requirements whilst focusing on optimizing conversion rates and creating a seamless user experience. By combining the existing IDnow platform with ARIADNEXT’s product offering IDnow will be offering one of the broadest sets of identity verification solutions to the European market.

The new comprehensive identity verification platform offers verification options for all users ranging from AI driven to human-assisted technology and from online to point-of-sale solutions. Service capabilities for these products will be increased in the IDnow core markets (Germany, France and UK), whilst new opportunities will open up for international customers with identity verification needs across several jurisdictions and use cases.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, IDnow has seen an extraordinary increase in demand for their solutions. IDnow’s products have been used 200% more compared to last year and many companies have decided to switch to fully digital application processes. The integration of ARIADNEXT will help to meet this rising demand by providing an outstanding, frictionless user experience.

Together we will work towards our clear joint vision of providing European businesses with a one-stop solution for identity verification, offered through a fully comprehensive and seamless identity verification platform.

Andreas Bodczek, CEO of IDnow reveals a few more details about the deal:

What drew your attention to ARIADNEXT?

ARIADNEXT has built its impressive offering on the foundation of state-of-the-art technology, they have great products and a passionate team behind it. Our two companies share the same values of universality and simplicity as well as the constant strive for excellence, and I am excited about what our joint teams can achieve together in the future.

When did you first meet the management team at ARIADNEXT?

I have known ARIADNEXT’s founders Marc and Guillaume since February 2020. I admire what they have built and share their passion for the industry.

Will the founders and the team stay on board?

Of course, the team is the heart of every operation, and we are looking forward to welcoming them into our company as valuable members of the IDnow family. We love being curious and learning from each other on a daily basis.

Will you retain ARIADNEXT’s locations?

Yes, we will retain all locations for now. Firstly, it is important for all employees to retain their working space and in addition to this, keeping a presence across Europe supports our joint vision of becoming a Pan European leader in the industry.

At IDnow, we are also practicing a flexible remote working policy. In most roles you can work from wherever you feel most productive. It can be in the office in Munich – or in Rennes – or in your home office. Perhaps some of the new colleagues want to join us in our Munich headquarters or the other way round.

What are your plans looking into the near future?

We are very excited about the ARIADNEXT’s product offering and integrating our portfolios together. This will be a big step in enabling us to provide a comprehensive solution for all our joint customers and their needs.

We will also be very focused on bringing the companies together – their cultures, their organizational structures and of course the teams. We are accountable for this process and want to make sure all employees in both companies feel secure and also passionate about the acquisition and the future.

What does success look for ARIADNEXT and IDnow like in 5 years’ time?

We have a clear joint vision of creating a leading pan European identity verification platform however, success for us is not defined by an end result but the process of getting there. I would say a strong team spirit, collaboration, trust and achieving excellence in everything we do together.


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