IDnow group receives the approval of the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania (ADR) for its solution

ADR approval confirms the group’s leading position in the European digital identity market

The company is the first to offer two ADR compliant identity verification solutions in Romania

ARIADNEXT merged with IDnow in June 2021, integrating the solution into the IDnow group portfolio

Bucharest, September 7th, 2022 – IDnow, a European leader in identity proofing and digital identity, announced today that it has obtained the approval of the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania (ADR) for its second identity verification solution in a row. The group’s KYC (Know Your Customer) solution has been approved as compliant with Article 4 of the ADR Remote Identification Standard that came into force on July 22, 2022. The decision comes just weeks after the ADR conformity for IDnow group’s AutoIdent+QES solution. 

Two compliant identity verification solutions for different customer needs 

The IDnow group solution AutoIdent+QES, already eIDAS certified by TÜV Austria in Italy, was approved by the ADR in May 2022. The 100% automated solution had already been certified under ETSI TS 119 461, the European Standard for remote identity proofing services. has successfully finished the audit for the ADR and given its existing certification, has been declared compliant with Article 4 of ADR law, thus enabling IDnow group to position this identification method on the regulated market. 

These two ADR approved services, a first for any identity proofing provider in Europe, allow the company to address different customer needs – both for full customer journeys that include identification and digital signatures, and identification-only requirements. With these two solutions, financial institutions and banks in Romania can fulfill all their KYC requirements by offering their customers a fully secure digital onboarding experience that is AML-compliant.  

Broad portfolio via a single platform   

The acceleration of advanced digital business models across Romania and Europe has led to a shift in demand, from single-product identity verification towards more comprehensive identity proofing and document signing platforms. By offering one of the broadest portfolios in Europe via a single platform, IDnow group is at the forefront of these market trends and can offer reliable, secure and convenient KYC processes for its customers. 

Oliver Obitayo, Chief Commercial Officer at IDnow, says: “By combining IDnow, ARIADNEXT and IdentityTM, IDnow group has emerged as one of the strongest identity verification players in Europe as we offer customers a range of solutions for various use cases and jurisdictions – all from a single source. As a group, we believe in a strategy that moves far beyond offering a single identity verification method. The second ADR approval for our products within a few weeks is proof of this. We are proud to be able to address the entire range of customer needs in Romania when it comes to a fully digital and secure onboarding.”


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