IDnow AutoIdent will soon be usable according to German TKG

Federal Network Agency confirms IDnow AutoIdent as official identification method

Munich, October 14th 2021, the AutoIdent solution from IDnow, a leading platform-as-a-service specialist for identity verification, is listed with the German Federal Network Agency as an officially confirmed identification method. Following VideoIdent, the AI-supported, automated method for identity verification, has thus now also received official proof that it meets the applicable requirements of eIDAS, the VGV and the VDV.

Following the upcoming amendments to the German Telecommunications Act (TKG), this means that IDnow can then also provide telecommunications service providers with an automated identification process.

The official confirmation means that AutoIdent (as defined in Article 24 (1) litera d) of the eIDAS) brings with it the determination of equivalent security, in terms of reliability compared to personal presence. Thus, the IDnow Group is the only German provider with a total of six identification procedures confirmed by the Federal Network Agency.

“The confirmation by the Federal Network Agency that our AI-based solution, AutoIdent, complies with the applicable regulations can be a breakthrough for many companies, especially for the future of digitalization in Germany,” says Armin Bauer, Managing Director Technology and Co-Founder at IDnow. “Automated identification procedures ensure seamless processes without media disruption and increase cost efficiency. By modernizing laws that allow these procedures, many cases can be simplified and modernized in the future.”

This is an important step especially in view of the amendment to the Telecommunications Act (TKG) in December. The modernization of the TKG to implement the European Electronic Communications Code (EU Directive 2018/1972) implements adjustments in the areas of digital infrastructure expansion, consumer protection and public safety.

Furthermore, there is an innovation for identity verification. Until now, only methods involving human interaction, such as postal or video ID procedures, were permitted. The new TKG amendment, §171 (2), now also includes procedures that have been accredited by the Federal Network Agency through a conformity assessment body. A draft of a new order of the Federal Network Agency on identification procedures pursuant to §172 (2) sentence 3 TKG published on October 13, 2021, supplements this innovation by clearly including automatic video identification as a possible identification procedure within the scope of the requirements regulated in the order. For telecommunications providers, this brings great advantages, as they can also use confirmed AI-based solutions. These enable a seamless on-boarding process, which can be done without disruption. This not only leads to a significantly higher conversion rate but also reduces costs through the automated process.


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