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Turning the tables in an industry—Ontario's iGaming market

Following the passing of a bill, removing the prohibition of single-game betting in Canada, the iGaming industry in Ontario is about to have a major change. Starting in April, all players across the country will have access to a full range of gambling markets. Let the dice roll! —Well, virtually anyway.

Embracing iGaming, Ontario has a unique model based on existing regulations and feedback from various iGaming related organizations. But why exactly is this such a big game changer and what makes them so different from other established iGaming markets?

If planning to enter into this major boom, there are a few things European operators are going to want to know in order to comply. IDnow is here paving the way in this new market by providing a service fully compliant in Ontario’s market.

This review provides an overview of Ontario’s iGaming model and the products that will assist in entering this market.



  • grey square with four lines and check Overview of Ontario’s iGaming market.
  • justice logo with a paper logo at the back with white background Differences between Ontario and other established markets.
  • sign logo with check in it How IDnow can help tackle Ontario’s complex market.