Online Gambling: Staying agile while handling multijurisdictional compliance

Online gambling continues to see players come to the table—or shall we say computer—with no decline in sight. However, as the popularity climbs so does the increasing regulations that surround the industry. This becomes a very tricky game to play for operators who want to stay compliant and competitive. Many obstacles can stand in the way including the diverse and increasingly complicated regulations, as well as the risks surrounding identity fraud. When you pair those hurdles along with maintaining the importance of offering a smooth, fast, multijurisdictional, and KYC-compliant onboarding, it can be quite the handful.

Because every single player must be verified before being allowed to gamble, players will flock to those platforms that can verify their information the quickest. This need for speed is of the utmost importance in the gambling and KYC industries. The risk of customer drop-off is high if the onboarding process is too complicated for potential players.

Learn from our panelists about how to stay compliant and agile in a multijurisdictional environment all while minimizing fraud, speeding up onboarding and maintaining a high level of security.


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Our experts:

Roger Tyrzyk portrait photo in blue button-down shirt Roger Tyrzyk, Director Global Gambling & Sales UK @ IDnow
Patricia Lalanda from LOYRA Abogados Patricia Lalanda, Socia/Partner @LOYRA Abogados
Marije Barreiro Roel from Tonybet Marije Barreiro Roel, Chief Compliance Officer @ Tonybet
Dee Maher from Genesis Global Limited Dee Maher, Chief Legal & Regulatory Compliance Officer @ Genesis Global Limited