The State of Micromobility Regulations in 2023

Micromobility has been on the radar for quite some time now. Many people already use micromobility options in their daily lives. As it continues to grow in popularity, many cities and public institutions are trying to navigate the best ways for managing and regulating fleets, which can be a challenge.

In this webinar, the most current regulatory frameworks surrounding shared micromobility options such as scooters, bikes and mopeds, will be discussed as well as balancing the need of public safety with innovation and accessibility. Further topics will include helmet use, parking and charging infrastructure, data privacy, liability, and enforcement.

These sharing economy experts will also examine the economic and social impacts of shared scooters by looking at their potential benefits of improving access to transportation, reducing congestion and in the end decarbonizing our urban communities.

Micro mobility and digital Identity


  • Icons for website insurance 2 Current regulatory framework for micromobility
  • Icons for website automotive 2 Balancing safety with innovation and accessibility
  • Icons for website travel 2 Social and economic impacts of shared scooters

Our experts:

Michael Holland-Nell head shot is Senior Sales Manager @IDnow Michael Holland-Nell, Senior Sales Manager Mobility @ IDnow
Usman Abid is Senior Product Manager @ Tier Usman Abid, Senior Product Manager @ Tier
Martin Lefrancq is New Mobility Policy Advisor @ Brussels Mobility Martin Lefrancq, New Mobility Policy Advisor @ Brussels Mobility
Felix Aumair is Head of Customer Success @ GoUrban Felix Aumair, Head of Customer Success @ GoUrban