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Panel Discussion: Understanding the evolving Crypto regulatory landscape

In a world where trust is increasingly difficult to come by, crypto platforms face a unique challenge in building confidence and credibility with users. To some extent, they can look to the traditional financial services space for guidance on how to build trust. For example, crypto platforms can adopt Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies and procedures that are similar to those used by banks and other financial institutions. In addition, crypto platforms can use tried-and-tested security protocols, such as two-factor authentication (2FA), to protect user data.

However, crypto platforms also have the opportunity to lead the way on trust and confidence. For example, they can use innovative technologies, such as blockchain, to create immutable records that cannot be tampered with. They can also develop new ways of managing user data that are more secure and transparent than traditional methods. In doing so, crypto platforms have the potential to set a new standard for trust and confidence in the digital world.

Learn from our panelists how the future of regulatory compliance among crypto and financial services can look like.

Insights during our panel discussion:

  • Bitcoin icon in orange on white How the crypto ecosystem is shedding its reputation as wild west
  • charging light icon in orange on white What can the traditional financial services spaces learn from the emerging crypto space regarding regulations?
  • idea strategy icon in orange on white How can KYC build trust in crypto when the ethos of cryptocurrency was mainly driven by anonymity?

Our experts:

Olivia Minnock head photo blonde hair with black blouse Olivia Minnock, Editor, FinTech Alliance
Tarun Sachdeva head photo with black sweater and white collar Tarun Sachdeva, Chief Strategy Officer, Ziglu
Natalie Cheng head photo with collared shirt Natalie Cheng, Compliance Manager, Hamilton Capital
Chris Agius sitting at a desk in a suit Chris Agius, Regulatory Director, CSA Group
Rayissa Armata woman wearing a coat Rayissa Armata, Head of Regulatory Affairs @ IDnow