How MiCA will affect DeFI and crypto opportunities in the EU and UK

As the troubled crypto market recovers in 2022, it’s vital to stay informed on impending regulatory changes in leading crypto jurisdictions.

Gain insight into upcoming regulatory frameworks on the MiCA regulation in the EU and the proposed UK ‘Future financial services regulatory regime for crypto assets’ from our panel of experts. Explore the challenges that regulators face when implementing frameworks for blockchain tech and understand how these challenges affect crypto businesses and consumers.




  • Icons for website insurance How regulatory challenges affect crypto businesses and consumers
  • idea strategy icon in orange on white Why the crypto space is currently undergoing a transitional phase
  • graph stats ascending arrow in orange on white How to comply with multi-jurisdictional regulatory requirements for success

Our experts:

Jason Tucker-Feltham is Head of Crypto Sales at IDnow Jason Tucker-Feltham, Head of Crypto Sales @ IDnow
Jeff Hancock is CEO at Coinpass Jeff Hancock, CEO @ Coinpass
Toby Lewis is Founder & CEO at Novum Insights Toby Lewis, Founder & CEO @ Novum Insights
Manoj Peiris is Legal Counsel at FS Regulations Manoj Peiris, Legal Counsel @ FS Regulations
James Burnie is Crypto Regulatory Lawyer, Partner at gunnercooke llp James Burnie, Crypto Regulatory Lawyer, Partner @ gunnercooke llp