How to detect and prevent fraud during player on-boarding in 2023

The growth of the global gaming market shows no signs of slowing. However, with opportunity comes increased competition and greater scrutiny from regulators, and an increased number of fraudsters. In this webinar, we will cover some of the latest fraud techniques that are being used in the Gaming sector, including facial recognition spoofing methods and synthetic document fraud. You’ll learn how to detect and how to best protect your operations against these newer forms of fraud, especially during the player on-boarding process.


  • Icons for website insurance How you can detect and prevent new forms of fraud during player onboarding
  • Icons for website recruiting 1 What is included in a comprehensive onboarding procedure that operators should have?
  • How to work with Counterfeit Documents and detect Synthetic Identity Fraud to ensure proper identity verification
Lovro Persen Lovro Persen, Director Document Fraud @ IDnow
Roger Tyrzyk portrait photo in blue button-down shirt Roger Tyrzyk, Director Global Gambling & Sales UK @ IDnow
Pavel Dergachev Pavel Dergachev, Webinar Moderator and Advisor@ 4h agency