Hotel Fraud in the hospitality industry.

As most people return to their pre-pandemic lives, the travel industry is seeing a surge in bookings that are reaching pre-pandemic levels. After such a long dry-spell, many of us are ready to get back out there and explore. However, the fraudsters are not far behind.

When it comes to booking accommodations at hotels during travel, verifying a customer's identity is extremely important. Not only does it provide peace of mind for the guest, especially contactless check-ins, but it also provides the security the hotel needs to prevent the many different types of fraud seen in the hospitality industry.

But this rise in fraud will not rain on the travel booking parade. Thanks to IDnow's automated identity verification service, hotel fraud can be prevented.

There are many different types of hotel fraud in the hospitality industry. Learn about the most common examples as well as how to prevent them in our 'Hotel Fraud in the hospitality industry' ebook.
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Hotel Fraud in the hospitality industry.


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