Germany’s problem with the black market.

The German Betting Trade Association is urging action against the growing illegal gambling trend in Germany. They’re pushing for collaboration between regulators, operators, and suppliers to address black market activities, with discussions underway for regulatory changes.

A recent analysis by the DSWV revealed a 65% surge in illicit gambling, attributed partly to local market restrictions. These limitations are leading players to seek unregulated sites offering enticing perks like bonuses, higher betting limits, tax-free gaming, and unlimited deposits.

The UK’s Gambling Act White Paper, seen as progressive in regulating digital gambling, raises questions about a similar approach in Germany. While it might offer insights, understanding its effectiveness and implications within Germany’s gambling landscape remains crucial.

Watch our panel discussions as our expert speakers provide insights into factors contributing to the growth of illegal gambling and how to tackle the issues of black market gambling in Germany.

Germany's Problem with the Black Market


  • Reasons and triggers for the uprising illegal gambling market in Germany
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