Automated identity verifications, seamless onboarding, regulation ready, tried and tested across UAE.

IDnow offers automated, secure and cost-effective identity verification compared to the competition. We’re regulator approved and already trusted by brands throughout UAE.

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User Flow

Seamless online identification.

With new SDK, we can verify Emirate IDs. Process: We send ICA a user’s selfie > they compare it with their database and match it with an ID number > the user gets a response and, if they’re verified, are able to proceed


Sign up new customers quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

IDnow AutoIdent offers a fast, frictionless onboarding experience to your customers.

Rather than spending valuable resources verifying customer identities at home or in branch, you can do it digitally via our integrated solution–anytime, anywhere.

Scale your identity verification needs as your business grows.

You need your business-critical solutions to flexibly scale with your business needs, whatever they may be down the line.

IDnow understands how frustrating rigid or overly expensive contracts can be, which is why we offer modular identity verification solutions that can be adjusted at any time.

Be up and running in a couple of weeks.

IDnow solutions are regulator approved and are already widely in use across the UAE.

Unlike other identity verification providers, our solutions can be up and running in as little as 14 days, so you don’t have to waste crucial time waiting for your new solution to be approved.

Stop fraud in its tracks.

Today’s onboarding agents are more focused on signing up new customers than they are on spotting fraud.

With IDnow you can have peace of mind that new sign ups are processed via our robust identify verification solutions. The result is a quick, confident, compliant KYC process you can trust.

Regulation ready, locally hosted data.

IDnow is the only identity verification provider to offer locally hosted data in UAE.

Ensure your data is compliant with the Central Bank’s onshore data storage regulation.

Better for your business.

  • Improved conversion
  • High level of legal compliance
  • Customizable mobile and web integration
  • Secure storage of customer data

Better for your customers.

  • Anytime and anywhere
  • Verification in just a few minutes
  • No additional hardware
  • Easy to use

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