World Esports Association

What is the World Esports Association?

The World Esports Association (WESA) is a group created by esports industry leaders to professionalize esports through increased player representation, standardizing regulations, and creating revenue shares for teams. 

It was founded in 2016 through a collaboration between the largest esports tournament organizer, ESL, and 10 leading organizations in the industry, all of which remain a part of the association.

What does WESA do?

WESA aims to create an authentic framework to support and amplify sustainable growth of esports, based on the shared values of fairness, transparency, and integrity and sharing that growth between the players, teams and leagues.

It’s mission is to become the global benchmark for industry-wide standards, involving parties most affected by esports activity to the decision-making table. They have taken the first step to doing so with the ESL Pro League for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which now gives teams and players a say in key issues like schedules, while providing extra stability, legal advice, and protection from economic uncertainties.

The association currently works with a wide range of tournament organizers, game publishers, and esports organizations to help meet their goals. It is currently managed by an executive board, which features six members: three ESL representatives and three members of three different esports organizations. 

Does Esports need something like WESA?

There does seem to be a need for an organization like The World Esports Association or a proper governing body within esports. The industry as a whole is very young and constantly evolving, which leaves gaps when it comes to rules, regulations, and standards.

Much like traditional sports, esports has been experiencing growth pains with its rise and it will continue to do so until organisations like WESA step up to ensure a better future for all parties involved in the industry.

Even now, esports faces many issues that are yet to be solved, including organisations not paying staff, tournament organizers not keeping players in their best interest, and a wide range of problems due to lack of proper rules and regulations, as well as a body to enforce them. 

Currently, every esports game is split into its own sector, with little to no communication between games. This leads to different games having different rules and standards, which can range widely and have significant impacts on viewers, players, and businesses. 

Does Esports Have a governing body?

Esports does not currently have an overarching governing body. Different games have different sets of authorities and regulations, for example, in League of Legends developers Riot Games act as a governing body, having total control over all rules and regulations in the game’s esports scene. 

Other games are more loosely managed. For example, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive see’s developers Valve have the last say, but most rules and regulations are created by tournament organisers. 

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