What is the Kansspelautoriteit?

The Kansspelautoriteit (translated literally to Gaming Authority) is an independent regulatory authority in the Netherlands. It regulates Dutch gambling and betting activity, issues licenses, and enforces key gaming acts and regulations.

The authority was first established in 2012 and is led by a two member board of directors, as well as an advisory board. 

What does the Kansspelautoriteit do?

The Kansspelautoriteit has a number of roles, however, they have stated that they have one task that takes priority above all else: player safety. The key role of the gaming authority is to protect players, allowing them to gamble safely, fairly, and without abuse. 

To do this, they perform a variety of roles. This includes: regulating the Dutch gaming market by granting licenses, supervising and enforcing acts and regulations, supervising license holders, and providing support to players. One way they have achieved this is with CRUKS, a gambling self-exclusion system and database in the Netherlands, which allows users to exclude themselves from all gambling in the country. 

Their official mission is: 

  • Working together with operators internally and externally towards a common goal. Every employee contributes to consumers being able to play safely. 
  • Understanding players, their behavior, and contributing to their safety by acting appropriately. 
  • To be knowledgeable. We know the risks in the different gambling sectors in terms of gambling addiction, fair play, and temptations to participate. We act if necessary and provide information to various target groups. 
  • To ensure a fair market. License holders are treated in the same way and illegality is dealt with. The playing field is equal for all games of chance providers. 
  • Working efficiently with smart systems and processes.

The Kansspelautoriteit’s key rules and guidelines

The Kansspelautoriteit has a long list of rules and guidelines that anyone who wishes to offer betting or gaming services in the Netherlands needs to follow. 

This includes things like taking steps to prevent addiction, certain advertising limits, as well as specific regulations in certain regions and different operations (for example, specific rules when it comes to operating slot machines). 

You can find a full list of rules and guidelines on the official Kansspelautoriteit website.


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