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Rayissa Armata elected chairperson of Bitkom’s new ‘Digital Identities’ working group.

Digital services should be easily accessible for all citizens and companies and offer clear added value. Bitkom e. V., the largest association of the digital, information, and telecommunications industry in Germany, has been advocating for this for years. Recently, the association launched a new “Arbeitskreis ‚Digitale Identitäten‘” (new working group on ‘Digital Identities’) to provide a platform for this increasingly important topic. In February 2023, Rayissa Armata, Senior Head of Regulatory Affairs at IDnow, was elected as chairperson for this working group.

Secure and accountable framework for digital identities.

Rayissa hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and has extensive experience advancing business and regulatory initiatives both in the U.S., Europe, and the United Nations.

“With more than 2,000 members, Bitkom is one of the strongest voices in Germany to work with government and regulators as our society continues to digitize. The working group provides a great opportunity for the industry to develop and exchange views on digital identity to create a secure, accountable, and interoperable framework for all citizens. I am very much looking forward to exchanging ideas with my colleagues in the working group and am excited to see what we can achieve together,” explains Rayissa.   

Goals and tasks of the ‘Digital Identities’ working group.

One of the goals of the ‘Digital Identities’ working group is to bring together different industry and sector-specific technology approaches and improve public awareness of the growth potential created by digital identities. The working group will also focus on coordinating with political stakeholders and expanding the market by providing decision-making and practical aid for companies.

In addition, the harmonization of regulations and the creation of use cases are on the working group’s agenda. The main aim is to highlight the added value of digital identities in everyday applications.

The Bitkom working group will act as a center of excellence for the German digital economy. It seeks to bring together representatives from the fields of law, business, technology, and entrepreneurism to promote the digital transformation of the German economy and society. 

“IDnow and Bitkom have been long-time advocates for the creation of a responsible European ID ecosystem with a digital identity wallet at its center. This is a remarkable opportunity to join our ideas including those of other German firms and experts to suggest best ways forward. As such, we are highly pleased that digital identity has a dedicated working group to best uphold the mission of Bitkom and the German economy,” says Rayissa.


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