IDnow joins the OpenWallet Foundation.

The last few years have seen significant moves by the EU, and other global governments to mandate the widespread implementation of digital identity wallets

As this process has increased its momentum, IDnow is proud to have been invited to become a founding member of the OpenWallet Foundation (OWF). OWF, which is a section of the Linux Foundation, the global authority on open-source software, has been tasked to create the baseline features and underlying philosophy of digital identity systems.  

The OWF’s mission is to develop an open-source engine, which enables secure, privacy-protecting and interoperable multi-purpose wallets that anyone can use to build digital identity solutions. This collaboration between global technology, finance and university leaders will serve a wide range of wallet use cases (making payments, proving identity, and storing validated credentials), which in turn will enable a trusted digital future for all. 

Pursuing open-source and transparent solutions. 

Many governments favor open-source and transparent solutions because in this setup all software code is made public and is considered more secure due to constant public review, without potential proprietary back doors that could erode trust amongst users. In addition, open-source technology fosters interoperability between services, which is more important than ever in a connected global economy and especially in the context of digital identity. Open-source projects, such as the OpenWallet Foundation, hence, serve as a great model for infrastructure that is vital for digital societies and benefits all parties.  

For a decade, IDnow has been committed to making the connected world a safer place. Joining the OWF as one of its founding members upholds that pledge by supporting an initiative with a shared dedication to open-source technology. As a European leader in identity proofing technology that serves customers in highly regulated spheres, we have also taken steps to become a leader in regulation and standards advocacy, for example, as active members in the IDunion, members of organizations like TrustoverIP (hosted by the Linux Foundation), FIDO Alliance and W3C, and heading up task forces at the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).  

“Digital identity knows no borders”. 

Armin Bauer, Co-Founder and Managing Director Technology at IDnow, comments on IDnow joining the OWF: “It is a pleasure for IDnow to be a founding member of the OpenWallet Foundation. In our opinion, digital identity knows no borders, and therefore requires interoperability in the form of international open-source standards to reach mass adoption. Together with the OpenWallet Foundation and many great peer organizations, we will create a system that best serves and protects society on a path to true digital identity. We are looking forward to contributing our technological and practical experience that we have gained from more than 30 million verified identities per year.”

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