IDnow AutoIdent gets enriched by NFC reading capability to read out ePassports and more

Near Field Communication technology permeates our day to day life. Every time you pay contactless at the cashier of your local supermarket and unlock the door to your hotel room or office you are successfully applying NFC technology in the form of credit card or smartphone, smart keycards or tokens. All those transactions are marked by a need for security, after all thieves and burglars are always ready to take a chance.

But NFC has done the trick of bringing a new level of convenience into our day to day lives, where security concerns are high. Even Airport Border Controls in many countries like the UK nowadays rely on NFC to check passports and biometry without travelers ever talking to a state officer – everything happens fully automated.

IDnow is committed to this advancement in convenience for users. That is why we are bringing a new feature into our automated Identity Verification product IDnow AutoIdent. With the help of the new NFC reading capability – available starting from May 20 – we empower you to not only scan your end-customers documents via camera, but actually read out the chip that most modern passports, residence permits, and IDs contain during client onboarding.

Fast lane onboarding for rewarding real customers, final stop for identity thieves

Worldwide, identity documents are issued that contain a chip where the personal information and often even biometric information like a photo is encoded on. With IDnow AutoIdent we now support the read out of such chips by turning the user’s smartphone into a card reader. The ID just needs to be pressed against the phone to retrieve the necessary data, providing massive benefits to you and your end users:

  • Tamper proof: Chips are extremely hard to manipulate or clone due to its security features and protocols, protecting you reliably from fraudsters. Advanced authentication checks can be added to detect forgery and manipulation.
  • Fast-lane onboarding for your customers: The data read out relies on the touch and go principle, as you might know it from contactless payment. Your customers are rewarded with a speedy process that is a conversion booster, letting them enjoy your service faster.
  • High data accuracy and quality: Typos and wrong entries by your users are a thing of the past, as data transmission is highly accurate, improving your overall data quality, while protecting the user’s privacy during transmission.
  • No chance for identity thieves: Many IDs do not only contain personal data, but also biometric information like a photo. This photo can be compared to the person running through the process with the help of AutoIdent’s selfie or video liveness module to sort out identity thieves.

Relying on an international standard to support your global business

To support your global business and heterogenous customer base, we are relying on the ICAO 9303 standard, when it comes to supported documents.

  • Adapted by 188 countries
  • More than 1 bn people own a supported document
  • IDs, passports and residence permits

Are you interested in finding out how NFC-based chip read out can become a part of your identification processes? Reach out to us to learn more.


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