IDnow assists Actual Group on the job market

Actual group, a leading player in the employment and temporary work agency sector, has a motto: “Let’s build your job together”. And it reflects their vision: the value of work is inseparable from a humanist commitment. For the past 30 years, the group has provided solutions for access to work and skills development: temporary work, recruitment, counselling and training.

Actual group has nearly 1,600 permanent employees in 300 agencies in France and supports 11,500 companies and 60,000 temporary employees.

The company must verify the identity of the candidates in order to draw up employment contracts. To automate this procedure and to digitize the temporary worker’s job search, the company called on our services.

Actual group chooses to automate and digitize its onboarding procedures

Before integrating our solution, ID verification was done manually: Documents (ID cards, passports, residence permit or proof of address) were checked face to face by recruitment consultants, who checked the legitimacy of the information and integrated it into their system.

The integration of our automated solution allowed Actual Group to relieve the agents of this time-consuming task and to support them in their digitalization.

Thanks to our API, Actual Group can now automatically and and instantly verify identity documents, IBANs and proof of address before a temporary worker is hired.


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