Can your company handle cyber fraud?

USD $6 trillion – that is the damage expected to be caused by internet fraud by 2021. This makes cyber fraud one of the biggest threats to the global economy, and even becoming more profitable than the global illegal drug trade. Bottom line, it is a cost-intensive problem that has the potential to affect enterprises globally across all sectors. The new “IDnow Security Report” helps you prepare your business.

In the realm of online and digital contracts, the process calls for uncomplicated and quick identification. Unfortunately, the digital business world also attracts cyber criminals, and it becomes imperative for every enterprise to be aware of such threats and to take the appropriate countermeasures.

Choose the right partner.

Every company engaged in digital transactions must be aware of cyber fraud and implement necessary measures to prevent attacks – protecting their customers and themselves.

IDnow’s Security Report 2019 outlines how to prepare and choose the appropriate partner when selecting a trustworthy identification verification partner. IDnow is able to identify and prevent such attacks from simple to complex through its unique and state-of-the-art technology.

Case Study


Changes in the gaming industry

Why Cyber fraud is becoming way more profitable than the global Illegal drug trade.

How to prepare your company for the new gaming regulation.

Which types of cyber fraud have prevailed; and how to handle them.

What your identity verification partner must provide.

What to look for when choosing your identification verification partner.

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