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IDnow @ GVC-Entain: Online gambling in an ever-changing regulatory world

Join a panel of industry experts in a heated discussion about the future of regulation in Germany and Europe and its effect on players and operators, especially with the UEFA EURO games.

With the ongoing global pandemic, fans are looking to engage through sports betting, not only during EURO 2020 but continuously with the domestic leagues running most of the year.

On July 1st – right in the middle of the EURO games – the new German gambling regulation came into force. In our webinar, the experts will discuss the new regulations from all perspectives: Operator, regulator, new business, and customer. They will give valuable insights into preparing for the surge in onboarding and providing your players with the best possible experience.

Martin Lycka head photo in suit Martin Lycka, SVP Compliance @ GVC-Entain
Roger Tyrzyk portrait photo in blue button-down shirt Roger Tyrzyk, Director Global Gambling & Sales UK @ IDnow
Rayissa Armata woman wearing a coat Rayissa Armata, Head of Regulatory Affairs @ IDnow

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