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A fast and reliable way to verify identity and proof of vaccination.

Smoothly bring analogue proof of COVID-19 vaccination into the digital world – including legally compliant identity verification. IDnow offers a digital solution that is quick, convenient and secure.

A simple, secure process

From accurately reading out the data by quickly scanning the identification document, to biometric verification and right through to recording the necessary proof of vaccination (such as the country-specific vaccination passports) – IDnow offers you a modular and accurate process that is precisely tailored to your needs.

1. Scan your identification document

Check ID documents, read out all relevant data and confirm authenticity

2. Create a selfie video

Verify the traveller’s biometric identity

3. Scan the proof of vaccination

Capture the relevant pages of your proof of vaccination, e.g. front page with name and vaccination page of the German vaccination passport

The challenge with digital proof of COVID-19 vaccination

For a safe, simple return to a normal life.

The global COVID-19 pandemic is a huge challenge – for the economy, but also for the people whose personal activities have been severely restricted. One aspect that is currently being worked on is how to furnish proof of vaccination digitally.

How can digital proof of vaccination that is safe from forgery be introduced? Around the world, various digital solutions such as apps are currently being developed for this purpose and are expected to be ready for use as early as this summer. The verification and onboarding of all people who are already fully vaccinated represents a particular challenge here because the process has been completely analogue up to now. Retrospective digitalization may quickly become a logistical nightmare and may cause vaccination centres to be overloaded, for example.

As an expert in the area of digital identification, IDnow can help you to digitalize this proof, thus enabling citizens to attend events, use public transport and visit retail outlets, cafés and restaurants once more.

The path to digital proof of vaccination

Recording and reconciliation of vaccination cards and proof of vaccination.

Increase efficiency and reduce your costs by recording vaccination cards and proof of vaccination digitally and reconciling them with proof of identity.

As a first step, an official identification document is scanned. IDnow supports identification documents from more than 195 countries worldwide. IDnow reads out all relevant personal data accurately during the digitalization process. In doing so, IDnow makes a significant contribution to reducing the costs incurred as a result of incorrect data entries such as typographical errors, switching of first, middle and last names or even expired identification documents and the resulting bother.

For a smooth restart

  • Improved conversion
  • High level of legal compliance
  • Customizable mobile and web integration
  • Secure storage of customer data

  • Increase efficiency
  • Save on costs by avoiding analogue processes
  • Meet the necessary high security standards for digital identity verification.
  • Easily bring analogue documents into the digital world.

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