Professional Services

Professional Services.

All of our customers have the aim of offering their end customers added value with our solutions and thereby increasing their own conversion.

We take care of the individual adaptation of our identification and eSigning solution to your requirements.

Possible adjustments.

There are many examples for our Professional Services. It starts with language adoptions to special Apps up to accessibility. We also have customers who wanted to integrate a specimen signature. No matter what you need, just contact us.

Mobile App.

For many banks we have already developed a customer app based on our Software Development Kits (SDK). Upon request, we design these fully according to our customer’s Corporate Design.

Identification Process.

The complete identification process can be personalised within the context of the corresponding regulations. Many of our customers have supplemented this with special questions or with other recordings.


It is possible to adapt the software to special formats or to develop own interfaces.


All IDnow solutions (AutoIdent, VideoIdent, eSign) can be incorporated individually into your IT landscape.

During your implementation we are happy to support you in workshops, remotely, or on your premises. Details on the integration of our software can be consulted at Documentation or ask our experts.

Questions? Let’s talk!

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