IDnow publishes “Quick Guide to Electronic Signatures”

Munich, March 19, 2020 – IDnow (, the provider of Identity Verification-as-a-Service solutions, provides guidance on eSign products for digital contract signing. From this, IDnow is meeting the current high demand for digitilisation solutions.

Many companies are currently restructuring existing manual processes. IDnow’s “Quick Guide to Electronic Signatures” provides an overview of requirements for a wide range of applications and industries.

Digital signatures such as IDnow eSign make it possible to conclude contracts online in a few minutes without the need for additional hardware. Instead of the required handwritten signature, a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is created, which has the same legal value.

In addition to high conversion rates, maximum security and legal conformity, the electronic signature also offers numerous advantages for the end user. They can conclude a contract within a few minutes, be geographically flexible and without direct, physical contact with an employee, and, use the corresponding service immediately. For example, a loan application can be concluded in a few short moments without being harboured by location or direct contact limitations. The credit marketplace auxmoney has been offering its customers this service for several years now.

“With IDnow eSign, we create a completely digital application process for our customers producing a seamless journey on a singular device. From the credit application to the conclusion of the contract, all steps can be carried out digitally. This way, the whole process becomes faster and easier for more and more people”, says Arie Wilder, COO auxmoney

More information is available in the “IDnow Quick Guide to Electronic Signatures“.