Customer Onboarding in Banking – the Balance Between Security & UX

The digitalization of banking and its customer onboarding, in particular, is nothing new. The COVID-19 outbreak, however, has accelerated this pace of change and banks must now innovate dynamically to compete or risk falling by the wayside. 

With increasing customer expectations and ever-tightening regulations, financial services and service providers in banking are searching high and low for more innovative ways to connect with and protect their users.

Technologies such as digital identity are at the heart of this; revolutionizing how banks interact with their customers by not only preventing fraud but building trust, providing deeper insights whilst delivering a positive user experience.

Watch our panel discussion to hear industry experts peel back the layers on: 

  • How to maintain KYC and GDPR compliance in a post-Brexit regulatory market 
  • The key factors to consider when choosing the right partner to enhance digital infrastructure 
  • The impact of digital identity in driving overall business efficiency 
  • How to build identity verification into a bank’s digital strategy without impacting the customer experience

Our experts:

Roger Tyrzyk, Director Global Gambling & Sales UK @ IDnow
Zemfira Khisaeva, Head of Technology and Enterprise Strategy @ Scotia Bank
James Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer @Ziglu
Rod Boothby, Global Head of Identity @Santander

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