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Webcast: KYC vs DeFi

Open, borderless, permissionless – DeFi or decentralized finance is one of the hottest buzzwords in fintech and crypto. For the same reasons, DeFi offers limitless opportunities; it brings the same amount of risk of money laundering and fraud, which draws the attention of regulators. Critics fear that any form of regulation and KYC transforms a DeFi application into a centralized service.

Tune in our IDnow Expert Series Webcast as our field experts peel back the layers on the controversial subject of „KYC vs DeFi“. Learn from Alireza Siadat (Partner at Annerton) and Francisco Martins (Identity Consultant, Financial Sector at IDnow) how regulations and multi-jurisdictional KYC platforms can boost the mass adoption of decentralized finance.

In this session, you will learn more about:

  • network icon in orange on white Why the future of finance belongs to DeFi
  • Bitcoin icon in orange on white How DeFi is different from other crypto services
  • performance money increase icon in orange on white How KYC could boost DeFi mass adoption

Our experts:


Siadat Alireza with dark hair in blue jacket and white-collared shirt Alireza Siadat, Partner at Annerton
Francisco Martins man in grey suit portrait photo Francisco Martins, Senior Identity Consultant, Financial Sector UK/I @ IDnow