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NFC technology for ID verification.

How NFC offers security and convenience for your identity verification

Did you know that 81% of smartphones worldwide are now NFC-enabled?

Today NFC is already well known through contactless credit cards and mobile payment solutions such as Apple and Google Pay.

Because of its high-security standards, reliable technology and instant setup (connects in less than 0.1 sec), Near-field Communication (NFC) enters also the market of identity verification by storm.

Get to know in our Quick-Guide all the main facts you need to know about NFC technology. Discover how the emerging technology makes your ID verification process seamless, automated and secure.

NFC technology ID verification


  • gray and white flag How ID verification via NFC technology works.
  • fingerprint icon with check mark next to it The benefits of utilizing it for verifying ID documents.
  • sign logo with check in it How you can integrate NFC into your onboarding process.

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