IDnow as part of the Digital Strategy.

IDnow has been part of Commerzbank’s digital transformation from a branch model to a multi-channel bank. Their goal was to allow those, interested in becoming Commerzbank customers, the opportunity to do so at any time and from any location.

Commerzbank’s previous experience showed that alternative methods known as “Bank Branch Legitimation” and “PostIdent” did not meet their requirements in three major metrics: user experience, conversion rate, and data quality. In addition, the process was further complicated by regulation, which requires opening an account online meet the same legal criteria as traditional analog procedures. Additionally, Commerzbank needed a way to address and exceed customers’ expectations in usability and mobility.

Commerzbank was one of the first banks to implement video identification.
A step that has paid off – with significant user acceptance and conversion rates. The impact on their digital business success speaks for itself!


  • Why IDnow has become an important component of Commerzbank’s digital strategy.
  • How Commerzbank succeeded in transforming itself from a branch bank to a multi-channel bank.
  • The decisive impact IDnow’s video validation process has had on Commerzbank’s digital business success.

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