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Assurance for your customers, also means being on top of ever-evolving KYC regulations

Automatically adapt to dynamic legal revisions and provide your policyholders a fast, easy and secure onboarding process like never before.

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After a thorough review of appropriate technologies, we concluded that IDnow eSign is the ideal solution for our completely digital business concept.

We are very proud to be the first company in France offering this innovative solution which allows our customers to sign their contracts digitally while maintaining high standards of security and compliance.

Èric Mignot | President | +Simple

IDnow Platform

Flexibility to meet regulatory KYC requirements.

The insurance industry – for many a pillar of safety and assurance – is changing permanently, and so are your customers’ needs. Ongoing digitization forces your whole industry to adapt and streamline business processes. With increasingly intensified legal and regulatory standards for today’s digital transactions, you need some assurance yourself to know that you are ahead of the curve to protect both your assets and your policyholders.

IDnow’s identity verification platform provides flexible, easy access to a wide range of KYC products and services such as chip-based IDnow eID or video-assisted IDnow VideoIdent.

Last but not least, IDnow also provides a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) solution, allowing quick online contract signing in just a few minutes, which is recognized throughout Europe and has the same validity as a handwritten signature.

The integration of the IDnow platform is both easy and quick and provides scalable solutions that are suited for any organization size – from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational enterprises.

Use Cases

Online customer portal onboarding.

You store highly sensitive information on your customers’ portals, such as contractual details or electronic health records. As such, it is of paramount importance that this information remains protected from unauthorized access. This can only be achieved by verifying those authorized to be granted access beforehand.

IDnow provides fast, easy and automatic digital identity verification with IDnow AutoIdent. With IDnow, policyholders can perform KYC identification in just a few minutes, simply by entering their details via your website or app. You even can extend the identification process by incorporating a second document for identification or data validation, such as an insurance card.

IDnow AutoIdent.

Automated AI‑based ID verification.

Conclusion of insurance contracts.

Traditionally, contracts for endowment insurance are signed by hand. Today, ongoing digitization is changing the way you do business; rather than obtaining a handwritten signature, IDnow eSign allows you the benefit of added flexibility to digitally sign contracts with your customers online. We do this by creating a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), equally valid from a regulatory and legal perspective.

With IDnow eSign, the entire identity verification process is done online with an IDnow Identity Specialist via video chat, during which the policyholder consents to signing the contract and digitally signs the document by entering the dedicated TAN. This legally concludes the contract and it comes into force immediately.

Better for your business.

  • Improved conversion.
  • High level of legal compliance.
  • Secure storage of customer data.
  • Customized integration capability.

Better for your customers.

  • Anytime and anywhere.
  • Verification in just a few minutes.
  • No additional hardware.
  • Simple to use.

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