As part of the fight against terrorism, the German Federal Network Agency has closed of a specific security loophole, i.e. the purchase of SIM cards associated with pay-as-you-go mobile phones. All users have to get identified in order to activate their SIM card. The new ordinance based on § 111 TKG (German telecommunication law), regulates the identification of pay-as-you-go customers via video chat.

In addition, new subject areas are constantly developed.

As an example, Telefónica in cooperation with Fidor Bank has, since 2016, been giving their customers’ data volume if they open an account using the O2 Banking App. This also requires users to be identified beforehand. This can be done quite easily using IDnow VideoIdent.


Mobile is a trend, which will continue to develop. To this end, telecommunications companies must ensure that they are using the right technology and have sufficient bandwidth. After all, the number of mobile transactions will continue to rise. This market has already been discovered by large internet firms and they have tried to conquer it with apps such as WhatsApp.

This is where the user experience also takes priority. Whoever offers intuitive solutions wins the customers.

With our solutions, it is exactly the aforementioned cases that we are pinpointing to support your company during its digitalisation process. This means that we take care of the identification of your customers and do so on all conventional platforms. If you want to play it safe and have contracts signed by hand, we can offer you IDnow eSign, the digital equivalent with the qualified electronic signature (QES).

Use Cases.

We offer you two solutions to cover different cases: IDnow VideoIdent for identification by video chat in compliance with the Money Laundering Act and IDnow eSign for legally secure digital contract signing using qualified electronic signature (QES).

Identification for SIM Cards.

As from mid-2017 customers of telecommunications companies in Germany and other countries will also have to register for prepaid cards. With IDnow VideoIdent it is easy and uncomplicated online. Here the customer registers themselves on the website or in the telco provider’s app and then goes directly to the identification by video chat. An ident specialist assists the customers throughout the entire process. First of all the identity document is checked. Then some legal mandatory questions are asked regarding the customer’s identity. After the successful conclusion of the identification, the data are electronically transmitted in real-time to the telecommunications company. Following this, the SIM card can be activated immediately.

Product Selection.

  • The interested party logs on for the identification of their prepaid SIM card on your website.
  • Start of the IDnow process.

Expert Identification.

  • The ident specialist identifies interested parties using the IDnow software.

ID Transmission.

  • Immediate transmission of the identification data to you.
  • The customer can use the SIM card immediately.

Banking App.

A telecommunications company develops a banking app in conjunction with a bank.

The stored account enables transfers to the contacts in the smartphone address book without IBAN and also the arrangement of smaller immediate credits in real-time. Moreover, the account holder is, for example, given megabytes instead of lower interest rates. For the opening, and depending on the monthly card balance as well as the use of mobile banking as the salary account, the customer has additional high-speed data volume available in their mobile phone tariff.

Registering with this service is easy and convenient to do using IDnow VideoIdent. It increases the conclusion rate and improves customer acquisition. At the same time, the user’s identity can be verified securely and in compliance with the law.


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