The new IDnow

Your one-stop solution for identity verification.

IDnow has taken an exciting journey over the past few years. We have grown from an idea into a successful business, with almost 400 employees. Not only have our team and product portfolio expanded, our quality standards and professionalism have evolved to an exceptionally high level.

IDnow began life as a group of ambitious pioneers who shared an innovative idea; now, we are a leading identity verification provider, trusted by the top companies across a plethora of industries and geographies.

In 2012, when the idea for a digital verification solution was first contemplated, there was no regulatory groundwork in existence. After working with the authorities and regulators such as BaFin in Germany for over two years, IDnow could finally launch its first product: VideoIdent.

Over the next few years, increased demand for digital verification saw our business expand into new markets and industries. In 2018 the more automated, AI-based product, AutoIdent, was launched to provide an easy and fast solution for customers while enabling us to scale in line with growing demand.

2020 and 2021 have been extraordinary for IDnow. We expanded our product portfolio into a full identity verification platform and acquired two sister company to support our ambitious growth plans. IDnow has empowered companies on their way to fully digital processes by adding a paperless and completely digital identity verification to their user journey and enabling clients to achieve significantly higher volumes of sign-ups.

As our company has grown and evolved, so too must our brand. That’s why we announced a new chapter for IDnow’s visual appearance in 2020. We have chosen a fresh and modern approach to express our brand values and evolution while staying true to our origins.

Andreas Bodczek


Our vision

Making the connected world a safer place.

Our mission

We believe identity is the foundation for trust.

We provide secure identities for people and businesses to engage in the connected world with confidence.

Our belief

We believe that knowing your customers starts with a seamless onboarding experience — whether it’s a fintech app, a bank, a car rental company, or  a global e-commerce site; whether it’s a regulated or unregulated market.  Knowing your customers is not only an obligation but also an invaluable opportunity.

We help our clients to increase security, improve customer conversion, and streamline their onboarding process. The need for compliance and improved conversion rates is crucial for our clients. We understand that regulation and our clients’ requirements are constantly evolving, so we evolve with them.

We provide an advanced identity verification platform that serves the identity needs of our clients across geographical borders.


  • In 2012, IDnow was a small, young company, proud of its unique concept and full of entrepreneurial energy and ideas - ready to bring secure identity verification online.

    We wanted to enable our clients to build the most frictionless yet secure onboarding experience for their users.

    We started on our journey to make the connected world a safer place.

    To reflect the energy and warmth towards our clients we chose orange as our corporate colour from the very beginning.

  • Our initial branding accompanied IDnow on its incredible journey from a tiny idea to an established, international company with clients all over the world.

    We developed our first product into a comprehensive platform that covers all identity needs from a single source. At the same time we have grown into a team of almost 400 people who all share our belief that identity is the foundation for trust. Operating from more than 15 locations, split across four countries in Europe, we have outgrown the start-up days. But deep within our DNA, our entrepreneurial spirit, our energy, and our passion for our users remain.

  • 2020 was an unexpected challenge for the world. But with every crisis, there comes opportunity.

    Digital services are needed now more than ever right now, helping people to maintain their freedom while navigating the new normal and enabling businesses to prosper, even during these difficult times. Many of our clients have experienced strong growth in 2020, and we are proud to have played a role in preparing our clients for this sudden disruption. Today, more than ever before, people all over the world need reliable, secure, and easy identity verification.

The new IDnow.

Our logo

The heart of our visual appearance is the rejuvenated IDnow logo, reflecting the clarity and ease that is the guiding star for our products and platform. This is condensed to its essence in the abbreviated “ID.” icon.

logos New Icon

Our palette

To reflect the broad offering of our identity verification platform in our visual identity, we have enriched the color palette with three additional colors. Deep Space, Aqua, and Saffron create a fresh and modern look while complementing our signature orange, which has matured into Tangerine.

It was essential for us to keep orange as a key element of our DNA while evolving into our new visual appearance. Orange – taken into IDnow’s future as Tangerine – symbolizes our passion and energy, which is the core of our company spirit.

Alongside the new color scheme, we have incorporated a unique set of graphic shapes and markers that depicts the full potential of the IDnow platform, with its endless possibilities, customized for all needs a company may have.

The new IDnow is…

Easy. Fast. Secure. Compliant. Advanced. Flexible. Friendly.

Your one-stop solution for identity verification.


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