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Residence permit verification

Verify in real time and automatically the authenticity of residence permits

The residence permit is the legal recognition of the right to stay temporarily in a country. It is an official document issued under certain conditions by a country’s government.
The residence permit is temporary and may be renewable. In some countries, it can also serve as a work permit.

The European Union has established a uniform format for residence permits. It authorises a national from outside the European Union to stay for a short time in any country of the Schengen area on simple presentation of his passport and a valid residence permit. In Canada, the residence permit is known as the PR card (Permanent Resident Card) and in the United States it is known as the green card.

Like other identity documents, residence permits are regularly falsified. For this reason, they also contain security features such as MRZ strips or special inks. Some falsified residence permits are very well forged, and fraud cannot be detected with the naked eye. This is why automated, real-time residence permit verification is essential.

Thanks to our various document verification and identity check services, you can check in real time the authenticity of a residence permit as well as the identity of its holder. Our solution covers a growing number of types of identity documents (id card, passport, driver license, residence permit…etc) in more than 208 countries and organizations.


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