ICO and Crypto KYC.

Regulators worldwide are currently working on legal provisions for the ICO and crypto market. It is expected that they will strongly comply with Money Laundering Acts. Here, KYC plays a decisive role as it remains to be seen how diverse the requirements in the respective countries will be. Therefore, we already offer two different products to identify your customers.

A strong range of Customers

ICO and Crypto KYC 1

The IDnow product range around KYC fits perfectly to the expectations of crypto customers and can be installed without friction in their ecosystem like smart contracts etc.

Ralf Zellweger
Senior Manager Business Development at Intrum


It was clear to us for our ICO that we wanted to offer our investors a technological best-practice-approach that was properly regulated. The services of IDnow were therefore essential.

Marc Degen
Co-Founder & Member of the Board at modum.io

International Regulation

After a long period of uncertainty in the ICO and crypto market, some regulators have started to clear the fog. The first countries referred to laws governing ICOs and crypto platforms and last but not least, the way they have to identify their customers. Depending on the country they are operating in or the tokens they are using, they can use either IDnow CryptoIdent, PhotoIdent or VideoIdent.

Details about regulation

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Use Cases.

We offer two products for your ideal KYC process.

IDnow CryptoIdent

Offers state-of-the-art online verification of your customers’ identity.
With a seamless integration into your onboarding process it verifies identities within seconds.
Customers take a picture of their ID document and a selfie and upload it to your platform. They can start trading crypto currencies right away. IDnow CryptoIdent is optimized for ICOs and crypto platforms.

ICO and Crypto KYC 2

Product Selection


  • State-of-the-art identity verification for crypto platforms.
ICO and Crypto KYC 3

Expert Identification


  • Fast verification of uploaded pictures of ID documents.
ICO and Crypto KYC 4

ID Transmission


  • Takes only seconds. Easy to use. Very scalable.

IDnow CryptoIdent (Video)

Provides the highest security standard for online verification of your customers’ identity.
With a seamless integration into your onboarding process it verifies identities via video, combining machine learning based technology and the skills of our ident specialists who are guiding them through the entire process within a few minutes.
Customers will be identified by showing their ID document in front of their web cam or smartphone and by following the instructions of the ident specialist. While the technology is verifying data, picture and security features, the ident specialist additionally checks the intention of your customers in order to prevent social engineering frauds. This is the main fraud in the ICO and crypto market.

ICO and Crypto KYC 5

Product Selection


  • Most secure video identity verification.
ICO and Crypto KYC 6

Expert Identification


  • Combines machine-learning technology with ident specialist.
ICO and Crypto KYC 7

ID Transmission


  • Highest security standard. Seamless integration into the onboarding process.

IDnow Crypto-Ident

IDnow Crypto-Ident (Video)

ID verification

via photo

via video call


within seconds

within a few minutes

Legally Compliant*

ICO and Crypto KYC 8
ICO and Crypto KYC 8

Scalability (# of idents)


according to forecast

Video chat required

ICO and Crypto KYC 8

Data Security


highest level

Review required



App available

ICO and Crypto KYC 8
ICO and Crypto KYC 8

Level of security


set by regulation

Storage requirement



Internet speed required



Integration process




ICO and Crypto KYC 8
ICO and Crypto KYC 8

ICO optimized

ICO and Crypto KYC 8

*This affects most countries worldwide.