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German states agree on transition period for online gambling – are you ready?

Act now.

Online gaming operators providing their services in Germany are allowed to continue to serve local players, provided they follow the new legal framework, set to come into effect on October 15, 2020 – just a few days away.

Under the recently approved Tolerance Policy, Germany-facing online gambling companies must set a €1,000 monthly wagering limit. If certain criteria are met, this can be increased to €10,000 per month. Operators must also put new deposit limits in place until KYC (Know Your Customer) checks have been completed. Those providing their services in Germany must also follow stringent responsible gambling guidelines if they want to offer online casino and poker products on top of their online sports betting.

IDnow can provide you with the necessary tools to allow you to continue to offer sports betting services to German customers under Germany’s Third State Treaty on Gambling, which took effect early this year as a transitional law and will be replaced by a permanent regulatory framework in July 2021.

Under the new and upcoming regulatory regime, the following changes will be implemented:

  • It will be possible for German players to play online casino games and online poker under strict regulations
  • A wagering limit of €1 will be placed per spin for slot games
  • The number of licenses for table games will be limited to the number of physical locations for casinos in each state
  • A €1,000 deposit limit will now be implemented across all online gambling verticals in Germany

How Can IDnow Help?

IDnow offers AML compliant video verification, but also a compliant automated verification solution. Gambling operators can choose, depending on their security needs, which of these solutions would best suit their needs. Either way, the requirement of mandatory age verification is met.

We support countless gaming providers with the digital transformation of its identification processes. Thanks to IDnow’s highly secure and fully automated solution, users can identify themselves via an app in a short time and without media discontinuity.

To find out more about the changing regulations, download our Guide: Gaming KYC.