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TeleDoctor24 – the digital doctor’s visit powered by IDnow

The modern world awaits digitized processes in every area of life. In times when people tend to avoid time-consuming processes, a digital doctor visit can change several unnecessary procedures such as waiting, being in the crowd, or surrounded by sick patients. The doctor would be able to chat, give advice, and even issue electronic prescriptions and sick notes. Getting all that service from home is a big contribution to avoid unwanted situations and save time.

A virtual doctor visit is new for Germany as the regulations only started to allow it since 2018. From 2019 with the help of TeleDoctor24, doctor visits can make a patient’s life easier through an easy virtual solution. IDnow’s digital solution empowers TeleDoctor24 to avoid personal presence. With the eSignature provided by IDnow, a document signing process can be done virtually. All the processes imaginable in a doctor’s office are possible from consultation sessions to document signing processes such as prescriptions and sick notes. The digital service aims to make life much easier for people with the help of using an app without leaving home.

This kind of simplicity is possible through IDnow’s seamless and secure eSign technology, together with DocuSign. It allows the process to be completely digital and secure while preventing fraud. The technology is secured with The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), which is considered the same as a manual signature.

“Using IDnow and its eSign solution with DocuSign, we’ve been able to bootstrap our product much quicker and more efficiently by being able to onboard doctors 100% digitally in a matter of minutes. The integration in our software has been a breeze and allows both us and our doctors to sign documents with Qualified Electronic Signatures without having to depend on a media disruption using analog signature cards and readers.”- Maximilian Krause, CTO at TeleDoctor24.

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