What to look for in a gaming identity verification partner

The UK Gambling Commission set out new regulations in May 2019 in an aim to make gambling safer and more fair for users. A key focus of this was around identity verification for online gambling, with new rules enforcing that operators must verify a customers age before they deposit into an account, gamble using their own money or a free bet bonus, or access “free to play” versions of gambling games. In order to achieve this, the commission has encouraged operators to consider using AI-Powered verification applications. These applications aim to solve the challenges created by these new regulations by streamlining the verification process and making it faster and simpler. Read on: Online Gambling regulations in the UK – an overview The easiest way to apply these applications to a platform is working with an identity verification partner with experience in gaming. Here are the key factors to keep in mind when looking for an ID verification partner:

Due Diligence

It’s vital to do your due diligence and make sure an identity verification partner is the best choice. This comes in the form of experience: just because a service, like AI-Powered verification, is new, doesn’t mean the company behind it should be new too. It’s vital to work with a company that has the experience and can show they know how to deliver a flawless product, as well as have a detailed background working within the market.

Honesty and Trust

Honesty and trust are two vital elements when dealing with suppliers, but it can be difficult to find in an undeveloped industry. Currently, there’s no perfect solution to the challenges that come with ID verification, so the best partners are ones that will admit their shortcomings and be transparent with their strengths and weaknesses. The role of an ID verification partner is to assist you with mitigating risk, as well as outline the limitations of the technology. You should be looking for a provider that is open and not only assists you, but also raises the bar around your compliance responsibilities.


Security is a business-critical factor that is sometimes overlooked when discussing advances in technology. However, RegTech sees rapid evolution and, thus, security around protecting data and privacy should be a key focus – a non-negotiable element of a partnership. It will be vital to discuss the level of security that is offered by an ID verification partner, as it is something that is crucial for your most valuable asset, the customers.


Whether a company is a startup or a well established vendor, the key behind their success will be the implementation of an idea, rather than the idea itself. That’s why it’s vital to find a partner that has a solid team behind them, that will deliver a service successfully, as well as share in-depth plans, detailing how they will deliver on their promises.

Engagement with the Regulators

When it comes down to it, betting service relies on the regulators. Their acceptance of your service and ID verification applications can make or break your approach to compliance. Your partner should be just as interested in this area as you are and should be constantly providing support with the regulators. If they don’t show a clear interest in this, then you should ask yourself if you are engaging with the correct solution.

Global Scalability

As we all know, compliance is the most expensive and complex part of a gaming company’s operation and as businesses grow and expand into new markets, the cost and complexity only increases. This means it’s vital to have an ID verification partner that is able to scale up and address multiple jurisdictions and competing compliance regimes. Working with a partner that is able to do this will minimize growing pains, especially one that is able to apply their solutions globally. Read on: Becoming compliant in Ontario’s iGaming market

IDnow AutoIdent – The AI-Powered ID Verification Solution

Now that you know what to look for in an ID verification partner, look no further than IDnow. As an identity verification company now present in the UK, IDnow provides a solution to the new ID verification challenges with AutoIdent – an AI-Powered ID verification tool. IDnow uses artificial intelligence to check security features on ID documents, with the potential to cover more than 7 billion customers from 195 different countries. It’s focused around security and uncomplicated application for the customer, making the process as simple as following simple on screen prompts and completing verification within minutes, boasting a conversion rate of 90%. The IDnow platform covers a wide range of use cases both in regulated sectors in Europe, as well as for entirely new digital business models worldwide and allows the identity flow to adapt to different, regional, legal, and business requirements on a per use case basis. With over seven years in business and a portfolio of over 250 customers, including leading international companies like Kindred Group which owns Unibet, 32red, and Western Union, you can trust the IDnow team and their experience to fulfill all of the key factors and excel as a gaming identity verification partner. By
Roger Redfearn-Tyrzyk is Director Global Gambling & Sales UK at IDnow.
Roger Redfearn-Tyrzyk Director Global Gambling & Sales UK at IDnow Connect with Roger on LinkedIn


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