The Head of Sales UK/I introduces himself

We recently announced the next step in our expansion. With the opening of a department in London, we are now establishing a strategic location for the Anglo-Saxon region. Roger Tyrzyk, Head of Sales UK/I at IDnow and long-time industry expert, explains the significance of this step and what he likes most about London in our interview.

How important is the UK market for IDnow?

IDnow considers the market as strategically very important, which is why one of the first steps after the successful financing round is also to open a branch here. Alongside Paris, it is an important location within Europe and the Anglo-Saxon countries.

Many British companies have shown great interest in our products in recent months and we would like to give them the best possible service and services tailored to the market. German technology is still very much in demand and regarded as secure and reliable.

What are the next steps for IDnow in the UK?

Our next step is to expand our team in London. We are currently in talks with many interested companies, which we hope to acquire as new customers.

Does the UK market have any special characteristics? How does IDnow deal with them?

The so-called eKYC checks are very popular in the UK market, for example. This is why IDnow is currently in discussions to integrate this feature into our platform. However, it must be said that IDnow AutoIdent is significantly more secure than the tech standard in the UK.

What consequences would a Brexit have for IDnow’s business in the UK?

A possible Brexit would not have a big impact on us because our solutions comply with the standards in the EU and the German BaFin. We would even have a competitive advantage over companies based in the UK, since it is complicated to transfer data to the EU from a third country.

Why did IDnow choose Canary Wharf as its location?

Canary Wharf has a special atmosphere and is a key financial center in London. Many of our UK-based customers are already at home in Canary Wharf, which of course influenced our choice in the end. We also have a breathtaking view over London from our office.

Which sectors will IDnow focus on first in the UK?

The financial and fintech sector is obviously very interesting for us. We have experience in this area and the market in the UK is very broad. But IDnow’s product portfolio is also very interesting for many companies in the iGaming sector. The regulatory requirements for this sector are changing at the moment and providers need a partner for secure and legally compliant age verification.

What do you personally love the most about the UK?

The openness of the people, the (sarcastic) sense of humor and, of course, soccer! I have been living in Manchester for seven and a half years, but it feels like much longer. The people here are so open and helpful that I was able to make contacts very quickly.

What are your personal hotspots in London?

I like to go to Camden Market, where there are many good cafes and amazing street food.

If you want to experience the real big city feel in London, check out the cool rooftop bars near Moorgate. And last but not least, I like St Paul’s, even though it’s touristy. There are many small cafes and bars in the area, and it’s only a few minutes’ walk to the River Thames.


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