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At IDnow, the working future is human

At IDnow our employees are family, and to us, this means ensuring they should feel safe, productive, inspired, and energized in their work life. This of course, has become a lot more important during the global corona pandemic since processes became digitalized and engaging in the digital world has become the new normal. At IDnow, we understand the need for a seamless online experience, and so it has become our number one priority to create the best working models for all employees.

Since IDnow introduced the initial remote working policy in early 2020, the benefits have by far outweighed any criticisms: “Some of the IDnow employees were sceptic in the beginning,” said Jacqueline Arlt, Recruitment Business Partner at IDnow. “But after a few months the first colleagues started asking if they can keep working remotely, even after the pandemic. They told us about the benefits they experience and the great work-life balance” she added. As working from home became the new normality and employees began seeing the advantages, IDnow introduced a long-term remote policy and offered employees in administrative roles the possibility to choose remote or partially remote working models.

Employees can now decide how and where they are working from, as we believe effective work is not based on the hours they spend at a desk. “We strongly believe that the future of working will be more and more diverse and international and as a global and digital company, offering a flexible way of working without a location-boundary will be the future” says Jacqueline Arlt.

IDnow offers three ways of working for their employees, and everyone who’s role allows it can choose which one suits them best. Employees can decide if and how often they come to the office. Besides from 100% office based, fully and partially home office possibilities, IDnow also offers the possibility to go on a “workcation”. Imagine you travel to see your family in a different country and would like to stay a little longer than your vacation days allow. This is one of the many possibilities with a “workcation”. This way, IDnow offers our employees the best solution to make them feel comfortable, be creative and motivated, and have the best possible work-life integration.

You may ask, why is this so important to IDnow? Because we believe that the future is human, and that even the most digital product and company is based on the motivation and happiness of each employee. People are happier and deliver better results in a comfortable and familiar environment. “It’s one of the most important things for us, to make sure every employee at IDnow has the opportunity to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle, a good work-life balance and the opportunity to find inspiration in the things they love.” says Jacqueline Arlt.

Hear what some of our employees have to say about their workcation experience:

“With the workcation option, I was able to spend 2 months with my family in Italy after the Covid-restrictions got eased.” says Francesca Palmeri, Head of Controlling at IDnow.

“I live in Estonia with my family and work fully remote at IDnow – that offers a great work-life balance for me – especially since I’m a dad for a couple of months now. I have a great connection with my team, and we work together very productively.” Pedro Gallardo, Director Product Management.


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