IDnow supports “Wir gegen Corona”.

The Corona pandemic has affected many people’s lives tremendously, and each one of us has to adjust his life due to the current circumstances. While for some, it is still manageable to run errands either for themselves or their families, for others it has become a challenge to do the daily tasks – especially for elderly people and those with health conditions.

„Wir gegen Corona “(We against Corona) has initiated a great service to help people who are in need in this difficult time. “Wir gegen Corona” is a German-wide initiative and everyone, who wants to help can register as a volunteer to support people. To join this initiative, the volunteers need to identify themselves on the “Wir gegen Corona“ platform.

The identification has been handled manually – a time-consuming process that was prone to errors. Now IDnow has offered to provide the identity verification serves. This helps to greatly enhance the speed of the verification and reliably detect fraudsters.

IDnow will support the organization with its “AutoIdent” product. AutoIdent is an identity verification solution based on artificial intelligence. The service will be completely free of charge to help and support “Wir gegen Corona” in their effort to reach people in need much quicker.

“We are very pleased and proud to support the project Wir gegen Corona. Our product makes a valuable contribution to a great initiative that helps people in need in this difficult situation”, says Andreas Bodczek, CEO of IDnow.

“To ensure that we are able to place trustworthy people, we rely on a clean identity check. Thanks to IDnow, we now have the opportunity to verify the many helpful volunteers quickly, safely, and easily. This allows us to effectively prevent fraud while continuing to grow rapidly. We are very happy about the support from IDnow”, says Thorsten Kud, initiator of the platform.

It is our pleasure to be a part of such an initiative and help people in need‚ during this time!


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