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IDnow associates with MorningCroissant on the property rental market

Since 2011, MorningCroissant has been offering online housing rentals for professionals, students or individuals in more than 900 towns in France. The online market for renting furnished proprieties, the company helps tenants find accommodation with comprehensive eligibility criteria. With more than 30 million rents generated, the goal of MorningCroissant is to become a reference platform for tenants and lessors to practice renting in a simple and safe way.

In order to give the greatest possible reassurance to their users and to effectively fight against the risk of identity fraud, the company has chosen to use our services.

MorningCroissant has chosen to ensure the rental process and to meet customer knowledge requirements: KYC

As an initial step, it is necessary for MorningCroisssant to check the user profiles (lessors and tenants) in order to secure the rental process at an early stage. In fact, in a context of digital transformation, it is now important to know the customer remotely, to ensure that he/she is the one who he/she claims to be, and thus to avoid the risks associated with document fraud.

The second step consists of the regulatory aspect that intervenes. The European market is governed by many regulations that companies in certain sectors must comply with. This applies particularly to the property rental market. As part of its activities, MorningCroissant must be able to respond to the customer awareness process (KYC) proposed by the AML/CFT Directive (anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing). The user has to be able to fully identify himself in order to ensure the use of the service. In order to do this, MorningCroissant has chosen to set up the identity verification solution. For 5 years, the company has been using our Identity Document Capture SDK Web.

How does it work? This solution makes it possible to capture documents in real time by high quality scanning and provides an instant response regarding the quality of the document, rejecting documents that cannot be analysed.

“We are looking for a solution that has an architecture based in Europe; it was a vital aspect for us in terms of data protection of our users. In this approach, we chose to be accompanied by IDnow. The cost of the solution was also interesting compared to other parties in the market.” Alix Taffle, founder of MornGrunch, entrusts us.

The outcome? A success rate of over 80%, an opportunity and security for the user and a company in accordance with its regulatory requirements!

“We are very pleased with the solution, both on the success rate that is high and in line with our expectations, and on the simplicity and speed of implementation, not to mention the efficiency / cost ratio.” Alix Taffle concluded.


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