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Fit for the future in the home office.

Numerous people throughout Europe are currently working from their home office. For many companies, remote working has long been common practice, but for some, it requires a major changeover. Properly set up, there is enormous potential in any case.

Three-quarters of German employees would like to have the option of working from home, according to a recent study by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. – and although more than half of the employers could make this technically possible without any problems, over 45 percent are not prepared to do so. This figure may well change considerably in the near future under the current circumstances – but whether home offices are new territory for you or have long since been anchored in your company DNA, there are a few things to consider.

There are currently many articles and helpful checklists on the right tools such as messengers, video conferencing software or project management, and collaboration tools for better coordination and collaboration. At IDnow, working from home is also a regular occurrence, and some employees work exclusively remotely – we have collected the best tips from our employees for you.

Do’s & Don’ts in the home office.

  • Get up at your regular time and not five minutes before work starts.
  • A separate work area is essential. Depending on the living situation, this may not be easy, but for ergonomic reasons alone, it is recommended more than working at the kitchen table or on the sofa.
  • It’s tempting to work non-stop and be constantly accessible if you don’t have to leave your home. It is advised, however, to set yourself concrete (and realistic) daily goals – if these are met, treat yourself to your evening off.
  • A home office often allows you to devote yourself to the tasks at hand completely undisturbed. While this is positive, it often leads to the fact that you don’t even think about taking a break.
  • It is worth taking regular breaks. Not only helpful in the home office: the 20-20-20 trick. Look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes – your eyes will thank you.
  • In the home office, you quickly feel lonely. So take the time to talk to your colleagues. It doesn’t always have to be about work – you can also talk about private matters, just as you would in the office kitchen.

A chance for the future.

The current situation poses challenges for companies in every industry. But it is worth making a virtue out of necessity. In China, for example, following the outbreak of the coronavirus, a major training company for university students announced that it would be offering pure online training in the future. Some restaurants, in turn, are currently considering – based on recent experience – shifting their business model entirely to online ordering. Therefore, take a critical look at your processes and digitize where possible. Take the right measures to make your business model future-proof.

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