German e-government initiative and its effects on eID

As we settle into 2021, we are facing a new outlook. We now know that it is possible to manage most of our lives remotely thanks to digitalization. The German government has been running a digitalization initiative now for some time, to achieve exactly that and enable citizens to take digital trips to the authorities out of the comfort of their homes. The declared goal is to conduct many public procedures digitally by the end of 2022, as stated by the Online Access Law (Onlinezugangsgesetz).

Digital trip to the authorities – but only with Identity Verification

Identification plays a key role in conducting all business from home, as applicants will need to prove their identity reliably during any public procedures. The necessary technology is already available; since 2017 the German electronic ID has been issued with the online functionality activated by default. Owners can use two-factor-authentication to identify themselves digitally and nowadays most smartphones are equipped with the required Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology, turning the smartphone into a card reader, to do exactly that. Just recently, the German government announced that they are also looking into implementation of a digital identity card (the so called smart eID, read more about it here), paving the road for e-government further.

A step in the right direction for Financial Services and other industries

Recent news aside, the technological groundwork has already been established and the digitalization initiative by the German government will be a trailblazer for the broader adoption of the electronic Identity Card. While the eID plays an important role for any authority relations, a lot of usage potential lies in other industries, where reliable identification is a core requirement for onboarding new clients. Financial Services, Gaming, Telecommunications, and many more might embrace this simplified method of identity verification.

Freedom of choice for your customers – with IDnow eID

With IDnow, you don’t have to wait till 2022! Working with Trust Service Providers, we can offer an eID product that identifies your customers based on their German electronic ID – as an automated process, without waiting times or the need for a service agent. Through our platform approach, we enable you to offer your customers the freedom of choice between different identification methods through just one integration: VideoIdent, eID, and – coming soon – BankIdent. Would you like to know more about eID? Take a look at our webpage!


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