Bring your digital contract management to the next level.

Electronic signatures are not a new occurrence. However, under the current circumstances, the value of signing documents online is higher than ever.

The demand for electronic signatures has increased drastically in the last months. Many companies are currently restructuring existing manual processes. Digital signatures such as IDnow eSign make it possible to conclude contracts online in a few minutes without the need for additional hardware. Instead of the required handwritten signature, a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is created, which has the same legal value.

In addition to high conversion rates, maximum security, and legal conformity, the electronic signature also offers numerous advantages for the end-user. They can conclude a contract within a few minutes, be geographically flexible and without direct, physical contact with an employee, and use the corresponding service immediately. For example, a loan application can be concluded in a few short moments without being harbored by location or direct contact limitations.

Everything you need to know you can find in our Quick Guide to electronic signatures.